Controls Design Engineer

Location: Detroit MI

Controls Design Engineer

Job Function:

Under administrative review, is responsible for the engineering design activities required to complete assigned projects on schedule, on budget, in accordance with all relevant specifications.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Sets an example to other employees by means of arriving promptly on schedule, keeping a neat and organized work area, and maintaining a personal calendar, journal and task list.
  2. Meet weekly with Director/Manager/Supervisor for a detailed review of all current projects. Purpose of review is to ensure adherence to Outbound Technologies specified method, practice, and procedure.
  3. Staying current with technology, provide training, promote individual professional growth and technical skills
  4. Project Management:
  • Review scope of supply, budget, and schedule
  • On assigned projects responsible for; system designs, hardwired designs
  • Ensure no design is transmitted to a customer before independent review
  • Ensure no design is released for purchase of material before independent review
  • Ensure no design is released for site start-up before independent review.
  • All design reviews to verify adherence to scope of supply, adherence to applicable specifications, budget, technical content, and Outbound Technologies design standards.
  1. Design Engineering:
  • Prepare hardwired design sketch work on assigned projects
  • Develop and implement design standards/modular hardwired designs
  • Perform computer-aided design work with software such as AutoCAD and EPLAN
  1. Engineering Method, Practice, and Procedure
  • Maintains accurate journal or composition book
  • Maintains accurate project documentation; Engineering Job File, CAD Drawings
  • Ensure all required design documentation; correspondence, and drawings is submitted on schedule
  1. When directed support the sales function, attend line-up meetings, perform project estimating.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. Ability to be responsive to customers demands, requirements.

Additional Desirable Qualifications:

  1. Detailing and drafting experience beyond minimum required.