February 6, 2017 |

Tim Tolan, CEO of SRA® – The Tolan Group, Featured in Flexjobs


Tim Tolan, CEO of Sanford Rose Associates® – The Tolan Group, Featured in Flexjobs, How Flexwork Can Help Engage Your Disengaged Workforce

By: Matt Krumrie

Plano, TX | 2/6/2017

Gulp! The statistics don’t lie: Gallup research shows that 70 percent of employees are disengaged at work. So, how can you use flexwork to engage your disengaged workforce?

The reality is, people want to feel empowered and run their own lives based on what’s going on when they are not at work, says Tim Tolan, senior partner of The Tolan Group.

“Being able to come in later and work later or partially do some of their work from home makes the worker and worker’s family much happier, which has many benefits for the worker and the employer,” says Tolan.

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