Our Philosophy

Who we are at Simply Driven is the product of what we believe.

We believe human capital is an economic variable.

How do you attract and acquire great talent when both marketplace noise and marketplace skepticism are at all-time highs? We start with “why”. By doing that, we improve lives.

We believe attracting great talent starts with the message and the messenger.

We deliver your message – your story – better than your competitor delivers theirs. Great talent doesn’t need you; they have no shortage of opportunity. We get through to the people you can’t, because we know how to identify, engage and gently awaken in them curiosity about your opportunity. Starting with “why”.

We believe successful talent acquisition is a partnership between client and search firm

that results in timely, well-informed decisions by all stakeholders in the process. The ultimate success of that partnership is measured by two things: candidate/employee performance and retention post-hire.

We believe our talent acquisition philosophy must align with our clients in three critical areas:

Caliber of talent

We believe the most talented people in the marketplace are happy, successful and fairly compensated individuals who often work for competitors of our clients. A career change is not in their current field of vision.

Strategic approach
We believe talent of this caliber must be identified, engaged, vetted and won from the marketplace. Creating an exceptional candidate experience during each of these phases is essential to achieving success.

Tactical pursuit
We believe that this requires a proven, repeatable search execution model that demonstrates superior credibility and subject matter expertise, deep relationship connectivity and proper execution from initial conversation through successful hire and onboarding.