Organizations want value from a search firm – evidenced by the results and retention of the talent we deliver to them.

Exceptionally talented people want an organization they identify with, believe in and aligns with who they are.

Exceptional talent isn’t looking for you; they are thriving elsewhere. Simply Driven operates above the noise level, engaging exceptional talent with a highly credible voice and compelling value proposition. The messenger is just as important as the message.

Understand Then Execute.

Our first step is to thoroughly understand your organizational culture and the specific requirements of the position to be filled.

Then, using a proprietary process called Dimensional Search®, we determine the skills, experiences and personal characteristics necessary to be successful.



Once we have identified potential candidates, we perform in-depth interviews with each to determine if they meet all client requirements. Additionally we will uncover any personal or family issues that would restrict the candidate’s ability to join our client. In evaluating potential candidates, the Simply Driven Executive Search consultant will use our Dimensional Search® process.

As candidates express open-mindedness in the opportunity, we evaluate each against the Dimensional Search® criteria for the open position. We present for interview only those individuals who best fit the assignment profile. We will perform preliminary reference checks and education/certification validations prior to presenting the candidate.