• My recruitment experience with Kent was much more than running through the typical processes as a candidate. In every interaction we had during my placement Kent provided something to consider (philosophies, words of wisdom and EXCELLENT stories) that helped me understand where I really wanted to be and the roles that would help me get there. I’ve been extremely fortunate to interact Kent on a regular basis and he has taken the time to ask about the transition in my new role and offer much valued guidance as I’ve become settled. Kent is a leader, highly invested and engaged with everyone with whom he comes in contact. It’s not just words, talent and jobs. Kent succeeds at understanding people as well as their passion and motivation. This allows for an ideal match between his clients and candidates.
  • Kent is absolutely one of the most astute and driven (no pun intended) individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He digests constructive criticism like a sponge and values the work ethic that will make anyone successful. He also has an extremely genuine attitude that comes across with everything he does. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in trusting him with their career as he truly cares about his craft and the relationships he builds.
  • It is with great pleasure that I whole-heartedly recommend Kent Burns of Simply Driven Executive Search. While my personal experience with Kent is that of the candidate, I can’t say enough about the value that Kent brings to the table for the employer. First and foremost, Kent is a great listener and his intuition and gut instinct is spot on. While job descriptions and position requirements are all part of the equation, it is Kent’s understanding of the employer’s culture and people that really sets him apart. It is that understanding that translates to only presenting candidates who will make for a good fit. For busy executives, both employers and candidates, this skill translates into countless saved hours. Kent’s work ethic is exemplary. He is organized and prepared. The consummate professional, he is a joy to work with and has impeccable follow through. In short, Kent gets the job done.
  • Kent recruited me via LinkedIn. I have been extremely humbled by my new position with Viox Services and took a leap of faith by leaving my last job and could not be more thrilled the way things turned out. Thanks to Kent who very much helped guide me through the whole process – from prepping to interview and leaving the previous company, he was there every step. I have now been with Viox for 2 months and am beyond blessed to be apart of a company who value and want to see their employees succeed. I recommend Kent to anyone searching or looking for a career change. Kent is reliable, very dedicated to what he does, and eternally upbeat, you won’t be disappointed!