Client Manager – Detroit

Location: New Hudson N/A

Our client is looking for an experienced Client Manager. The responsibilities extend over (5) areas: commercial, technical, financial, management and quality; all in accordance with company policies and guidelines. A focus could typically be the management of a portfolio based on market segmentation (i.e., Food, Pharma, Water, Automotive) or set of targeted Clients.

Location: Detroit, MI

Key Responsibilities:

  • Adhere to the VINCI Energies Quartz Management Philosophy.
  • Maintains positive business relationships with Clients.
  • Develop a Sustainable Client Strategy for years to come.
  • Manage the commercial process with Clients and organizes the internal tender process, including the necessary authorization process for approval of an offer.
  • Manage the contract during the complete execution of the project up to the receipt of the last payment from the Client.
  • Connects, engages, and contributes positively within the VINCI Energies network.
  • Supports the Business Unit General Manager and/or CRO in developing the Business Unit Strategy.
  • Supports the dissemination of Group-guidelines, Values, and key-principles of the group.


  • Business oriented: Strong engagement and entrepreneurial spirit towards customers while maintaining the company operating standards.
  • Creative Problem Solving: Recognize and evaluate problems, then identify potential solutions, then organize and engage.
  • Negotiations: Consultative solution selling. Respectful and thoughtful but dare to say no if the deal doesn’t feel right.
  • Financial: Good understanding of the group Quartz accounting principles.
  • Contracts: Good understanding of the Client and Company terms & conditions.
  • Leadership: Leading, delegating and giving direction to the project team members when appropriate.
  • High Ethical Standards: Having a strong sense of what is right or wrong.
  • Great empathy and ability to connect with people.
  • Must adhere to the Vinci Anti-Corruption and Code of Ethics policies.
  • Non-autocratic. Must be comfortable with people of all kinds.
  • Innovative and entrepreneurial.
  • Driven for results
  • Awareness of others / Mentoring / leadership
  • Team oriented (Although the CM has specific monetary goals related to their portfolio, they must play well and contribute to the overall BU success)
  • Sensible and reasonable with the ability to compromise.
  • Humble and collaborative. Easy personality, non-combative.


1. Ongoing research and analysis of competitors
2. Time management
3. Expense management
4. Clean, neat, organized office space.
5. Implement a customer/prospect database. Employ in sales, prospecting, and reporting. i.e., use the company’s CRM
6. Disciplined adherence to Employee Handbook, Sales MPP, and Quality MPP.
7. Consistently demonstrate leadership in professional conduct: appearance, dress, language, demeanor, attendance,
punctuality, courtesy, respect.