October 4, 2019 |

(Almost)Anyone Can Be a Genius

“Genius is the ability to put into action what is on your mind.”  – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Most people think that genius is for the few, the gifted, for someone else.  It’s reserved for those who are super-smart.  Who made straight-A’s in school and scored perfect on their SAT and ACT.  They’re Thomas Edison and Henry Ford and Elon Musk and Steve Jobs.  Genius is for others; it’s not with our grasp.  Life is a genetic lottery, and we didn’t pull a winning ticket.

It’s really not the case.  The world is filled with success stories of people who are just like you and me.  The difference is in how they approach life.

Edison said that genius begins with a spark, an intuition, an idea.  Then the work begins.  Most all of us have experienced this…we are frustrated with something and say, “Man, if somebody could invent a way to (fill in blank), they could make a million dollars.”  Or, “Wouldn’t it be great to solve this (insert common problem).”  Or…let’s get closer to your day-to-day…” How could I eliminate this waste/inefficiency/loss of money at my job?”

In “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill talks about “The Secret”.  He says that as you read his book, the Secret will jump out at you.  I believe the Secret he speaks of is “thoughts are things”.  They are intangible, yet we can make them tangible.  And he goes on to say, famously, “Action is the best measure of intelligence.”

Mediate on this.  Think deeply about it.  You can be a genius.  Take what is on your mind and put it into action.  Where we fail is the “putting it into action” part.  The only thing keeping you from being a genius is….you.