Which Are You?

Our recruiters speak with hundreds of people every month.  The vast majority of those people are not actively seeking a new position.  They are exactly the kind of people we want to engage in dialogue.  Our goal is to learn which individuals are open-minded to compelling opportunities in the marketplace.


These interactions reveal just how binary people really are when it comes to their career.  Binary?  Here’s what I mean.  Our experience is that people fall clearly into two groups:


  1. Those who are open-minded and see the value in at least exploring a potential opportunity.  These people know that no one can hire them without their consent, and they are willing to at least listen to a value proposition.  These people are committed to improving themselves and want to advance or accelerate their career.
  2. Those who are not open-minded.  They describe themselves as “happy”, “content”, “fine”, “good for now”…you get the idea.  They are risk-averse, skeptical and don’t seem concerned with improving themselves, advancing or accelerating their career.


Which group do you fall into?  If you’re in the closed-minded group, how do you feel about that?  Are you ok with it?  It may be costing you in ways you can’t even imagine.