Why I Do What I Do

There are many reasons why I am a Recruiter.  The glue that holds all those reasons together, however, is my sincere desire to help people improve their lives.  I view every interaction as an opportunity to make an impact.  Occasionally, I get reminded   of that by someone I have spoken with.  I recently received this feedback in a thank you email from a candidate:

I found our chat helpful, and while you lead such conversations daily as the normal course of business, I would like to share how impactful your expertise can be for the person sitting across the table from you.  Your questions and thoughts, intended to help you understand the types of experiences, environments and organizations I value (and would be best suited to support), enabled me to walk away with a clearer articulation of what the ideal next opportunity should include / exclude.  I feel better equipped to proactively, confidently and efficiently address the topic!”

Words matter.  No conversation is insignificant.