September 10, 2019 |

The Constant


I have a restaurant I go to at least two times a week…sometimes three.  It’s a local business, owned by a local businessman.  It’s always busy, and frequently there is a line of people waiting for a seat.  I go early to beat the rush, and sometimes that doesn’t even work.

There are lots of reasons why this place works.  The menu is large.  The prices are surprisingly low.  And the food is good.  It’s clear that you aren’t eating at a chain restaurant.  And there’s a constant.  The owner, Scott, is always working the door and the restaurant floor.  Every day.  He meets you at the door or at the head of the waiting line.  He smiles.  He welcomes you in.  He shakes your hand and looks you in the eye.  He knows his regulars by name, including me.  He shakes my hand and then points to a table in the bar that’s open.  “How about that one, Kent?  Is that ok for you today?”

Scott has very little employee turnover.  He keeps his staff because he pays them well and treats them well.  So the orders are always right and they come out fast, despite his large menu.  When things are busy (which is every day), he turns into a food runner and table busser.

He’s The Constant.  He’s there every day, doing his thing.  His employees see, and it impacts them.  His customers see.  We like it.   Things are always better when the Boss is on site, doing Boss things…creating energy and a positive vibe.  I’ve never seen him in a mood.  Oh, I’m sure some days he doesn’t feel as chipper as he acts.  But he’d never let you know that.

Scott’s a businessman, he’s a leader…he’s The Constant.  So often, as organizations grow and become more complex, The Constant disappears.  And when that happens, other things also begin to disappear.  It’s comforting and inspiring to see that there are pockets of the universe where you can still see and feel the power of The Constant