April 24, 2018 |

You’re Always Interviewing

One of the best things you can do to advance your career is to adopt this mindset that you’re always interviewing.  Conventional wisdom says that we interview in order to get a job, and then we’re done…until, for some reason, we’re looking again for a job.  But the most successful people don’t think that way.  The most successful people treat their entire job like it’s an interview.  They approach every interaction, every project and every work product they deliver as an interview.

Why?  Because the most successful people understand the importance of personal branding.  Treating the job itself like an interview creates a different dynamic.  Think about how you approach and experience an interview.  You plan, you prepare, you practice.  You put your best foot forward.  You’re engaged, you’re personable, you bring energy and enthusiasm to the interaction.  You’re attempting to create an impression.  You’re selling, and the brand is you.

What happens when you adopt this orientation toward your work?  Two things.  First, your work will improve.  Second, other people will notice.  Executives, supervisors and peers will notice.  They will notice three things.  First, they will take note of your exceptional work product.  Second, they will take note of your exceptional attitude and your demeanor.  And third, they will take note of your consistency relative to your work and attitude.  These are the people who get noticed.  These are the people who get promoted.  These are the people who are part of the conversation.

Try it.  Try it for a day.  Try it for an hour.  How does it make you feel?  What reactions do you get from others?  What happens to the work itself?  You may find yourself getting some pretty quick affirmation.  And you may just elevate your brand.