November 27, 2018 |

Chasing Your 2018 Goal    

Four weeks until Christmas.  Are you chasing a goal for 2018?  If you are, where do you stand?  In the event you’ve already achieved it, congratulations!  Was your goal too low?  Or did you just hit it out of the park with time to spare?  Either way, it’s a win and you should celebrate.

What if you’re not going to make it?  What if your year hasn’t been what you hoped?  How will you spend the next four weeks?  You have options. For example, you can wave the white flag, admit defeat and spend from now until Christmas feeling sorry for yourself.  You can get into the Christmas Spirit early and spend the next four weeks in denial and having a great time at the Mall and shopping online.  Or, you can decide that 2019 begins TODAY and start fresh.  There’s a month of days ahead.  Get after it.  You can roll into January with the renewed momentum.

Lastly…there are those of you who are on the brink of achieving your goal.  It’s right there…all you have to do is execute. How far off are you?  If you’re in this group, there’s NO WAY you should fail.  Pause.  Assess what is required.  Make a plan – a plan for a final push to the finish line.  Then execute.  No distractions.  Put in the extra time.  Do the extra work.  Put yourself in a position that on Friday, December 21, you can pump the brakes, declare victory, savor the win and enjoy Christmas.

You can do it.  The only question is, “How bad do you want it?” People who chase goals either find a way or find an excuse.  Now all you need to do is decide which group you’re in.