The 60% Problem: Ignoring Top Talent from Competitors

A recent LinkedIn survey conducted by our team has revealed a startling insight into how most companies experience talent acquisition: 60% of companies rarely or never actually interview performers from their direct competitors.

This significant oversight is not just a gap in recruitment strategy—it’s a giant pitfall that many businesses are falling into, which could permanently derail their aspirations to become industry leaders.

Exposing the 60% Problem

This phenomenon, which we’ve termed “The 60% Problem,” highlights a glaring flaw in the way companies approach talent acquisition.

While many organizations focus on nurturing internal talent and recruiting from a general applicant pool, they shy away from engaging with the very individuals who could bring transformative changes—those already excelling with their competitors.

The Impact of Avoiding Competitor Talent

By not tapping into competitor talent pools, companies miss out on the opportunity to challenge their own practices and invite groundbreaking ideas.

Top performers in any industry carry with them invaluable insights and experiences that can catalyze innovation and drive a company forward. However, this potential goes unused because many companies stick to old-fashioned hiring practices and are hesitant to try new approaches.

What the Same Old Hiring Means for Company Culture

Ignoring passive talent from competitors leads to stagnation in innovation and embeds a culture of complacency. When companies rely solely on internal growth and familiar recruitment channels, they create a homogeneous environment where ‘safe’ and often outdated practices become the norm.

This lack of external perspective can cause companies to lag, particularly when competitor firms are continuously adapting and evolving through more aggressive talent acquisition strategies.

Not actively recruiting from competitors often shows deeper problems in a company’s culture, like being too cautious or using outdated hiring methods. This makes the company less attractive to ambitious people who want to work in a dynamic and progressive environment.

Overcoming the 60% Problem

To combat this issue, companies need to adopt a more assertive approach towards recruiting top talent from their competitors. This means a shift from passive recruitment strategies to a more proactive approach.

Companies need to:

  • use competitive intelligence,
  • leverage industry contacts,
  • partner with hiring experts to actively identify and attract these high-value individuals.

Time for a Bold Reset

For companies looking to be industry leaders, revisiting and revamping their talent acquisition strategies is critical. Moving beyond safe, traditional recruitment practices to a bolder, more strategic approach can pave the way for growth and success.

If you want to secure a competitive advantage in the market, the true battleground lies in how effectively your company can integrate top talent from competitors into its operations.

It’s time for businesses to recognize and address the 60% Problem. It’s time to rethink your approach and tap into the top talent that could propel your business forward.

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