August 13, 2019 |

Micromanaging vs. Training

It’s a phrase I’ve heard literally a million times.  “I don’t like to be micromanaged.”  It’s so overused, it’s become a cliché.  When someone says it to me, I do an internal eye roll.

Consider this:

“I like to be micromanaged.”  Said no one ever.

Here are three thoughts on this topic.

First, in my many years as corporate manager and now a small business owner, I’ve concluded that people who are pretty quick to state the obvious, “I don’t like to be micromanaged” are typically not A-Players.  They’re not achievers.  They’re not carnivores.  Why?  Because those individuals don’t require much management.  They are exceeding their goals.  They are ahead of plan.

Secondly, many people confuse micromanaging with training and coaching.  If I’m committed to teaching, developing and bringing out the best in you…that involves training.  That involves coaching.  That involves examining your work and recommending improvements.  It may involve pushing you and challenging you.  It will likely involve me giving you specific deliverables.  Metrics to hit.  Daily goals to achieve.  Ever worked with a personal trainer?  Did they tell you how to do an exercise?  Did they correct your form?  Did they make you do more reps than you really wanted to or thought you could?  But you did it because you both wanted the same thing.  You both wanted YOU to get stronger.

Why should business be any different?  Shouldn’t you EXPECT that from your leaders?

Lastly, business owners and corporate managers DON’T ENJOY micromanaging.  They sit in their offices and pray to the hiring gods for people who don’t suck their souls dry by requiring constant follow up and babysitting.  Leaders have their own objectives to achieve.

So, the next time you may be tempted to spit out, “I don’t like to be micromanaged” consider how it sounds and what it may say about you.  Perhaps adjusting your perspective is the better approach.