June 30, 2016 |

CEO of HireEducation, Mark Phillips, Featured in Wall Street Journal


CEO of HireEducation – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Mark Phillips, Featured in Wall Street Journal, How to Find Out What the Boss Really Thinks of You

Dallas, TX 6/30/2016

By Sue Shellenbarger

Do you ever wonder what the boss really thinks about you?

Finding out can be a difficult and delicate task. While most people fear the overly blunt, critical boss, an overly nice or evasive boss can be just as frustrating.

In a previous job in software sales, Mark Phillips of Boulder, Colo., hit sales targets for two years but got little feedback—and no sense of when he might be promoted. He confronted his boss bluntly, saying, “I need to know an answer.” But his boss simply told Mr. Phillips to “trust” that the boss had his best interests at heart. Mr. Phillips accepted another job the next day.

Looking back, Mr. Phillips, now chief executive officer of HireEducation Inc., an affiliate of the Sanford Rose Associates executive-search network, says he could have been less confrontational. If he had asked more questions and tried to understand the boss’s viewpoint, he might have stayed and “it could have worked out very well,” he says.

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