January 28, 2019 |

CEO of Horizon Hospitality, Scott Samuels, Featured in The Hotel Experience


CEO of Horizon Hospitality – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Scott Samuels, Featured in The Hotel Experience, Top Hotel Technology is in Demand for Today’s Busy Business Travelers

Plano, TX 1/28/2019

Nothing can ruin a hotel visit for a busy business traveler like technology that doesn’t work right. Experts weighed in for HX: The Newsletter on what road warriors are looking for in technology during their hotel stays.

This not only means in-room and on-premise business technology offerings (high-speed WiFi, interactive conference rooms, etc.), but seamless ways to interact digitally with hotels, she added. Guests are almost assured to interact with the hotels’ technology before arrival, so hotels should ensure there is a level of trust and confidence from the beginning to communicate technological sophistication.

Many hotel companies are beginning to use online check in and room selection, which eliminates the necessity of having to check in at the front desk. Some hotels have taken it a step further by enabling guests to download their room key onto their phone. This technology enables tired business travelers direct access to their room and they can avoid visiting the front desk entirely, noted Scott Samuels, chief executive officer of Horizon Hospitality, an Overland Park, Kan-based hospitality industry executive search and recruitment agency.

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