March 3, 2021 |

CEO of Hyperion Executive Search, David Hunt, Featured in Forbes


CEO of Hyperion Executive Search – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, David Hunt, Featured in Forbes, Brexit Burnishes U.K.’s Climate Image, But Exacts Real Costs

Plano, TX  3/3/2021

This November, U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson will crow about the benefits of Brexit once again.

That is when the U.K.’s Glasgow, in Scotland, will host this year’s UN climate conference, effectively handing a megaphone to Johnson to boast about his country’s climate ambitions. And thanks to Brexit, he will have something considerable to brag about: a formal pledge by the U.K., under UN guidelines, to cut greenhouse gas emissions 68% by 2030, well above the EU’s pledged 55% cut.

The U.K.’s role as host to this year’s COP conference, as the annual gatherings are known, is an example of how the U.K.’s break from the EU affords it new opportunities to burnish its climate reputation on the world stage. While the true climate impact of Brexit may be somewhat negative — what the U.K. gains in bragging rights, after all, the EU loses — Brexit is at minimum a major public relations gift to Britain’s ambitions to sell itself as an environmental leader.

And David Hunt, the CEO and founder of Hyperion Executive Search, which finds talent for cleantech firms, said that one of his clients, a listed U.S. company involved in electric vehicle charging, has “switched its attention” from the U.K. to Germany as it eyes locations to set up a European base of operations. Among the reasons, Hunt said, was concern about potential issues with imports of components from the EU into the U.K.

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