March 26, 2020 |

CEO of The Roman Healthcare Group, Greg Musto, Featured in Monster


CEO of The Roman Healthcare Group – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Greg Musto, Featured in Monster, Hiring Healthcare Workers in the Coronavirus Crisis

Plano, TX 3/26/2020

One of the biggest challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic is the potential shortage of healthcare workers and how to ramp up healthcare hiring quickly.

As the system reaches its maximum capacity and healthcare professionals themselves begin to get sick and need to quarantine, hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities are in need of additional help and backup staff.

“Due to COVID-19, there are many positions right now that are crucial,” says Greg Musto, CEO of The Roman Healthcare Group, a member of the Sanford Rose Associates network. “Every hospital across the country is potentially short-handed. As some of our healthcare workers get exposed and possibly come down with the virus, this will place a further strain on an already strained system.”

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