October 13, 2015 |

K. Russo Consulting Inc. Joins the Sanford Rose Associates® Executive Search

October 13, 2015

K. Russo Consulting Inc. Joins the Sanford Rose Associates® Executive Search

Sanford Rose Associates® Executive Search Network expands its footprint with the partnership of K. Russo Consulting Inc., the newest member of the Sanford Rose Associates (SRA) network of offices. K. Russo Consulting specializes in executive search and talent consulting throughout North, Latin and Central America. Their sister company, IIPE, based in Mexico, customizes research solutions through a robust team of multilingual search professionals.

“Karen Russo is a world class search professional and trainer in our industry. We are so fortunate to have someone of her character and talent and the reputation of K. Russo Consulting and IIPE as members of our network. There is no doubt their inclusion into the organization will take the collective to the next level.” says Jeff Kaye, Co-Senior Managing Director of Sanford Rose Associates International, Inc.

SRA International, Inc. admits a limited number of independently owned organizations each year; this high level of exclusivity has ensured the brand and reputation of Sanford Rose Associates remain unparalleled in terms of professionalism, performance, and service that exceeds their clients’ expectations.

“Over my twenty years in the search industry, I’ve collaborated extensively with Jeff Kaye and his team and have grown to know them very well. I trust them and admire their professionalism, their successful business model and their dedication to the executive search business. They also have a great culture and are fun to work with. Therefore, we were thrilled to be invited to join the SRA family of search firms! The knowledge, guidance and wisdom that Jeff and his team have imparted on industry professionals like myself has been invaluable. We look forward to offering enhanced services to our clients under this new business model and are excited about continuing our upward growth trajectory.” says Karen Russo, CEO of K. Russo Consulting Inc. and IIPE Executive Research.

Executive Search Review recognized the totality of the Sanford Rose Associates network as being one of the Top 10 Search Firms in North America. Over the course of the past five decades, the Sanford Rose Associates network has expanded to over 60 offices worldwide with offices in North America, and now Latin America/Mexico and Asia.