July 18, 2017 |

Karen Schmidt, President of Sanford Rose Associates®, Featured in Recruiter


Karen Schmidt, President of Sanford Rose Associates®, Featured in Recruiter, Top 10: Ways to Promote Your Company Culture to Candidates

Plano, TX 7/18/2017

When you’re trying to attract top talent to your organization, one of the best ways to spark qualified candidates’ curiosity is to show off your company culture. But how do you do that? We asked our network for their advice on promoting your company culture.

“Most companies have a simple one-page “Join Us” section on their website; at Sanford Rose Associates, we have created an entire site dedicated to attracting future hires to our firm. The site includes testimonials from recent hires, pictures from our sales incentive trips around the world, and accolades received by our firm that would be relevant to a prospective new hire. We have partnered with Next Level Marketing Communications to create a suite of videos that explain what one must do to be successful in search, answer commonly asked questions, and spotlight superstars sharing their own top tips. Video communication personalizes the candidate experience significantly; existing team members can share their stories in their own voices and communicate with depth and personality,” says Karen Schmidt, President, Sanford Rose Associates.

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