August 27, 2020 |

Kent Burns, President of Simply Driven Search, Featured in Hunt Scanlon Media


Kent Burns, President of Simply Driven Search – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Featured in Hunt Scanlon Media, Crisis Management: CFOs Confront New Layers of Risk in Pandemic Era

Plano, TX 8/27/2020

If one thing is certain that has come out of the current pandemic crisis it is the importance of continuity planning in the C-suite, and beyond. In the crosshairs: chief financial officers who are suddenly dealing with a vast array of new challenges, from cash flow, declining revenues, and employee health, to advising the CEO and board on strategic alternatives. Since COVID-19 struck, CFOs are being asked to play an ever-broader role.

The pandemic is creating additional dimensions in a CFO role that has already evolved significantly in recent years, said Kent Burns, president of Simply Driven Search, a member of Kaye Bassman Sanford Rose Network. “Leadership and mentoring is more challenging with COVID-driven virtual work. Soft skills and EQ in a CFO are more critical now than probably any time in history. The world-class CFOs I speak with understand the unprecedented importance of making relational dynamics a high priority on a daily basis.” The little things are not little things right now, he said.

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