March 2, 2017 |

Peg Newman, Managing Partner of SRA – Newman Group, Featured in XpertHR


Peg Newman, Managing Partner of Sanford Rose Associates® – Newman Group, Featured in XpertHR, “Fake News” and the Hiring Process: Addressing Risks Before It’s Too Late

Dallas, TX 3/2/2017

By: Linda Pophal

Fake news is on everyone’s minds these days to say the least.

Susan Meisinger recently addressed the issue of HR and fake news in her Human Resource Executive column, focusing on some commonly—and widely—held beliefs about HR practice that simply aren’t true.

“It’s one thing to ‘enhance’ the details of your experience or background, and quite another to misrepresent entirely,” says Peg Newman, founder of Sanford Rose Associates—Newman Group, a recruiting firm in Salt Lake City. She recommends taking a “trust but verify” approach to vetting candidates.

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