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Sanford Rose Associates – Franklin’s Tom Thomson Featured in Article


Sanford Rose Associates – Franklin’s Tom Thomson Featured in Article; “The Qualities Managers Need in Order to Succeed”

Dallas, TX, 12/10/2013

By, Dawn Klingensmith, CTW Features

So you’re a front-line employee looking to move into a supervisory role.  Surprising new research suggests that certain traits you emphasize in an  interview that might land you the promotion could ultimately make you an  ineffective manager – qualities like creativity, a propensity to plan ahead, and  the ability to multitask.

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Creative people “sometimes have a tendency to be wrapped up in their own  minds,” says Tom Thomson, a talent acquisition consultant not involved in the  study. “They can be dreamers who don’t team well with others.”

Based on his observations and experience in staffing, Thomson says that many  seemingly “good” qualities can become liabilities when taken too far, including  self-confidence bordering on egotism.

Decisiveness “can be good or it can be negative, if the person is making  decisions before getting feedback or input from direct reports,” says Thomson,  managing director of the Franklin, Tenn., office of Sanford Rose Associates, a  network of independently owned executive search firms.

Citing research from his partner organization, The Gabriel Institute, Thomson  says managerial traits that are consistently positive from one person to the  next include “coherence” – defined as being “neither rigid nor diffuse” – as  well as empathy and self-awareness.

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