January 6, 2017 |

SRA – Madison’s Managing Director, Bill Boeger, Featured in GoodCall


Sanford Rose Associates® – Madison’s Managing Director, Bill Boeger, Featured in GoodCall, The One Skill Every College Student Should Learn: Salesmanship


By: Terri Williams

Although it may be known by other names, “salesmanship” is a skill that all college graduates should master, and ideally, it should be learned while they’re still in school. It’s tempting to try to limit the importance of this trait to those who work in typical sales-based areas, such as advertising, insurance, and real estate, or to individuals who sell cars or work in retail. However, the ability to communicate effectively; understand what customers, bosses, and colleagues want; and build relationships based on trust are all critical skills necessary for success in any career.

William Boeger, managing director at Sanford Rose Associates-Madison executive search firm, tells GoodCall that college grads will need to understand the principles of salesmanship to get hired and advance throughout their career.

“Whether it’s getting someone to look at you for a specific role that you seek or closing an interview, it’s about standing out from the crowd and all the noise,” Boeger says. “Why are you different? What is it about you, or what you bring that will differentiate you from the others?”

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