November 25, 2013 |

SRA – Salt Lake City’s Peg Newman Featured in The Fence Post Article


SRA – Salt Lake City’s Peg Newman Featured in The Fence Post Article: “Attitude of Gratitude”

11/25/2013 | Dallas, Texas

It’s that time of year again when Facebook newsfeeds fill up with daily expressions of gratitude throughout November. Sure, they can be annoying – especially from people who are wont to complain the rest of the year – but doing the exercise might end up making it easier to keep New Year’s resolutions and fulfill personal and professional goals. That’s because maintaining a list of things to be grateful for has been shown in studies to make people more alert, enthusiastic, determined, optimistic and energetic.

It stands to reason that including positive workplace experiences and relationships during this month of gratitude might provide an additional boost. For inspiration, here are some insights and words of appreciation from employees and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

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“An attitude of gratitude supports building bridges amongst the people involved in difficult work situations. It tears down individual defensiveness and the walls that impede cooperation. Gratitude creates a legitimate and sustainable environment for teamwork to flourish.” — Peg Newman, managing partner, Sanford Rose, Salt Lake City

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